The necessary critical reflection, the antidote to the tiresome conformity of pop-culture

We believe in the power of non-conformity to have a positive impact on the current times of oversaturated images, toxic consumption and superficial society.

By exploring the odd, rare and inspiring social movements we are connecting the dots, the fit into the bigger picture. By making these stories tangible through the mediums of fashion and music.

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This collection outfit is dedicated to Ray & Charles Eames inspiring partnership and important historical contribution by connecting modern architecture with contemporary art.

“Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.”

"My mind is not authentically original, but instead a information processing organ that needs material to inventively combine, compose and connect. I am the memorable vacation, drug trip, accident, last conversation...."

"...I am the average of the five people I see the most. I am only as good as the people, objects, ideas I connect with. Without new connections, my mind can only rehash what I already know."


Handpicked Soundscapes. Some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue. 📡

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Our Code of Practice. 

1) Exploration

process where we explore rare, odd and inspiring topics, its understanding, its context, its fit into the bigger picture and its relationship to different fields. 


2) Souvenirs

handpicked stories, products, soundscapes and artists which we find on our journey and fit to our vision of the future and accompany us daily. Most you'll find on our socials and Spotify.


3) Showcase

the conclusion of our exploration; connecting the dots and creating a critical reflection of pop-society, made tangible through the mediums of fashion and music, summarized in a collection of products.


4) Revision

Ongoing dialog between us and the culture to gain new angles, sophisticated refinements and most of all to challenge our vision. 


5) Fashion

We don't do fashion.

Fashion is just the best fitting medium to make our culture and believes tangible.

6) Culture

a state, in which power, knowledge and science is used to the best of human development. culture is what gives pure value to life. 


7) Design

the process by which useful things are given the most beautiful and effective form, considering overall the function of these things, harmony and balance in the environment. 


8) Art

individual expression, beeing adequate to the most advanced knowledge and feeling of his time with the medium of light, space, movement and sound.


9) Business

wider than only a commercial interest. long term it can only exist in connection with public welfare and progress.


10) Morality

action of the individual in the sense of common interest and common health.


11) Europe


culture without moral background is decadence. design without moral background is crime against society.


13) Equality is key

no time for hate


14) 99

For us the perfect amount of edition of each item produced. Everything is limited to 99. No overproduction. No Re-Editions.


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