We believe in the power of non-conformity to have a positive impact on the current times of oversaturated imagery, harmful consumption and uncertain society.

By exploring the odd, rare and inspiring social movements we are connecting the dots, the fit into the bigger picture  - and make it tangible.


Handpicked Soundscapes. Some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue. 📡

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Code of Practice


1. Less but better

2. Equality is key

3. We’re a Product of Europe

4. Realism over perfectionism

5. We’re not sustainable - we try our best but every physical product
still demands a shitload of resources

6. Whoever in the industry claims something else
is greenwashing or lying

7. Don’t do plastic

8. We don’t do fashion

9. Culture without moral background is decadence

10. Design without moral background is crime against society

11. We can’t save the world by playing by the rules

12. We need to rethink the system

13. Buy less, pls.


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Our motherboard Studio with focus on brand and artist development, Graphic Design and Creative Direction.